Meet the Band

Roadie Tuner Team

Hassane Slaibi

CEO, Co-Founder

  • Hassane is an audiophile and flautist. He is a digital audio expert and designed Roadie’s super-precise listening ears. Fun fact: He eats nothing but steel wool.

    Bassam Jalgha

    CTO, Co-Founder

    High on solder fumes, he loves building stuff, working with electronics & playing music. Bassam is the one who makes Roadie tune correctly.

    Sam Force

    VP of Sales

    A dangerous man to see on the other side of a ping pong table, Sam is a lover of detail. Flying RC things and watching his two reef tanks balances his otherwise constant quest to get Roadie into each and every store in the world.

    Wassim Awadallah

    Lead Designer

    Passion for simple elegance, minimalism and diversity. Wassim brings this to his web design, art direction and branding work. The epitome of the “quiet cool”.

    Lubna Rashid

    Customer Relations Manager

    Lubna is the biggest fan of our fans, and loves making people happy through singing, dance, and most importantly excellent customer support.

    Marco Nenzi

    UI/UX Designer

    Mobile app designer with a high passion for the music. Marco loves to find simple solutions for hard problems. He is the one who makes your experience awesome on Roadie’s app.