Roadie in China (part 1)

09 Sep

We have been a little bit quiet while preparing for our four month-long stay in Shenzhen. After having spent our first month here, we feel it is now time to give you some explanations on why we’re here, and what we’re currently doing.

What better way to make an awesome product, than to move to the factory of the world: Shenzhen. We are now living  inside the factories that build our every day commodities while witnessing firsthand what it is really like to make a product.

We’re supported in this quest by HAXLR8R, a hardware-focused startup accelerator based in Shenzhen. For 111 days, we’ll be rapidly iterating through electronic, material, designs, prototypes, supply chain management and marketing strategies.

Hax logo

Supported by a fleet of equipment (3D printers, pick and place machines, soldering and rework stations and others) and mentors we are given the perfect environment for hardware development.


Below you can see the view from our office. For those of you who don’t know Huaqiangbei is Mecca for makers. Every building in the following picture contains an electronics market, that sells all sorts of electronic components.


The higher you go in the buildings the more assembled the components get.


One benefit of being in china is that we can take our musical instruments and prototypes to the market and factories and test directly on the ground…

IMG_0458 IMG_0536

.. and most importantly we can design, develop, iterate and manufacture in very little lead time.


One of the early Roadie prototype PCB batch we made in China

The high quality metallic solder paste stencil is cheap in China and it reduces tremendously the time needed for PCB assembly.

 Stay tuned. We will be having so many updates and stories from China coming up!