Roadie first time out

28 Jan

Hello FOR! This is Bilal, I’m a friend of the band, I guess you could say that I’m Roadie’s roadie! I joined Bassam and Hassane near Disneyland here in Anaheim to help share Roadie with everyone at NAMM.


NAMM was ridiculous! Every music brand was there sharing their new gear, and exciting people to buy, distribute, learn and play new music. Just check out this monumental amplifier sculpture:


We really put Roadie through his paces tuning and retuning guitars. We loved seeing the look of recognition on people’s faces when they found our booth hidden in the basement. The Kickstarter campaign really brought Roadie to many people and they were really curious to see how he works.

What we really appreciated was connecting with all the other innovative start-up companies there. The basement was where they kept all of us and I kept sneaking out of our booth to check out what they’re up to. Here’s a short list of some great stuff:

a2This is Critter and Guitari makers of great synthesizers! What really caught my eye was their video synth, it takes in an audio input and generates visuals based on both beat and frequency detection. Really fun stuff.


Next stop is a company that makes an iPad case that doubles as a keyboard. I love making music on my iPad, but the lack of feedback from pressing on the screen means I miss notes when I’m jamming so these guys made something that totally solves a problem for me. My favorite part is the way the device opens and closes:

If you love to make music and have an iPad, you probably need one of these 🙂 Catch them at


I could go on forever, but before we log off from this the Gypsy Den cafe in Anaheim and fly back to San Francisco I’d like to share the BeatBuddy. This is another product that totally solves one of my problems, being a global person and finding it really hard to carry a drum kit with me and to find drummers having a pedal that plays realistic drums in time and with fills is awesome. Great for busking, great for practicing with drums, and highly flexible. Just tap it and it switches to fills and alternate rhythms.

That’s not even half the awesome stuff we saw at NAMM, we’ll post a short video of these projects and a few others later this week. We’re super happy with what happened at NAMM this year and we can’t wait for the next!

Signing off!

Bassam Bilal and Hassane - mouths & hearts full

Bassam Bilal and Hassane – mouths & hearts full