Musician’s Toolkit: Top 3 iOS and Android apps for the aspiring Musician

24 Sep

Smartphones empower human beings especially with the emergence of useful app tools that assist us in  our everyday lives. This is especially true for musicians. We are generally very attached to our gadgets!

Being an Android and iOS user myself I decided to dedicate this post to the top 3 applications that work on both devices and that are important tools for any Musician. This post is just my personal honest preference, coming from a musician to musicians.

1-  Chromatic Tuner: ClearTune  (3.99$) :


Looking to tune your instrument? ClearTune is a great chromatic tuner!  It provides a precise (+- 1 cent) and very responsive feedback. With a characteristic skeuomorphic design that looks like an 80’s type analog tuners, Cleartune uses a note-wheel display for coarse tuning and an extra needle display for fine tuning.


2- Metronome + Pitch Pipe: Tunable (2.99$):

Even though it is originally a tuning app, I don’t recommend using Tunable for tuning especially if you are a string instrument player, the graphical “tuning history” display can be overwhelming and confusing. However, I do highly recommend the Pitch Pipe and the Metronome that Tunable provides. The pitch pipe is very nice and allows users to play tones and even generate sustained chords. I sometimes use the pitch pipe to play music!

PitchPipeTunable MetronomeTunable

And the metronome is just beautiful allowing users to input the number of Beats/Measure and the number of Subdivisions, and also provides a flashing visual display in case you’d don’t want any audio feedback. What really makes Tunable the best metronome and Pitch Pipe app as compared to others is the minimalist and elegant flat design. It is just beautiful!

3- Chord Chart: iReal b  (7.99$ iOS) (10.99$ Android):

This App is apparently a must have for  Guitar beginners, and even advanced musicians. It is basically a chord chart editor where you can create edit and share chord charts with access to over 1000 chord charts. Not only that, but iReal b provides guitar, piano, bass and drum accompaniments for any downloaded or user created chord chart, this is definitely indispensable for any musician especially the ones looking to practice at home and learn the art of improvisation. Something that definitely makes up for the steep price tag.

irealb image

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions if you think there are better apps out there, please share them in the comments down below.