Announcing Roadie Tuner new free iOS mobile app

11 Oct

We are excited to announce Roadie Tuner app, a Free chromatic tuner for your iOS device!

Roadie Tuner app is a user-friendly and accurate tuning app that works on any musical instrument.
Bassam, Marco, and I have been working really hard on tuning this app to be both precise and responsive. It also considers everyday tuning settings, and takes care of low light conditions on performance stages.

In short, this is the most elegant and simple tuner app the world has ever seen. See by yourself by downloading the app here.

Roadie tuner on iPhone

Here is a quick overview on how to tune using Roadie Tuner:

– Play any musical note
– Roadie Tuner automatically detects the closest musical note and displays it at the bottom of screen
– Tune your instrument all the way until you reach the desired note
– After your desired note lights up in red, fine tune it by aligning the circles on top of the screen
– Once you’re very close to your desired pitch (6 cents), the circle will animate to indicate that you’re in tune!
Visit the app page for more info on upcoming features.

We need your feedback!

This is the first version of our new iOS app. We’ll continue to add new features and functionalities based on your feedback and suggestions. So once you’ve played with the app please contact us, comment below and let us know what you think.

Happy to help you tune your instrument, hope you will enjoy the experience.

Download Roadie Tuner from the appstore

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